Going Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole

This poignant article describes the life and death fight of BC's trades deadly fight against asbestos. In a chapter in my new book, I talk about the failure of governments to get out of evidence-based a priori decisions, such as asbestos, and banning cigarettes. We go down the rabbit hole and it is impossible to get out of it.

Edging Forward

My next book, Edging Forward will be released next week. A critical issue many identify for the implementation of sustainable development now is governance and this article is a prime example of why we need bold, innovative government leadership that changes some of the schrophrenic pathologies in our current system.

A Fair Tax System?

In 2015/16—the most recent statistics available—Canadians paid $145 billion in income tax, while corporations paid $41 billion. This article in the Toronto Star has some very interesting graphs showing the changes in our tax system from 65 years ago. Food for thought.

Let’s Stand Up for Nature

The Smart Prosperity Leader’s Initiative, a group of respected Canadian leaders from a range of sectors, recently launched their Let’s Stand Up for Nature campaign.

The world she is a changin'

South Australia is delivering on their energy plan thanks to the world’s largest lithium-ion battery. Manufactured in an impressive 60 days by Tesla, it will revolutionize the way electricity is produced and stored, according to this Guardian article.

Toronto Farm Reconciles Ecological, Social and Economic Imperatives

Blog by Joanna Chin, Doctoral Student, York University-Environmental Studies

Our waste, our responsibility

As part of a campaign to engage and educate residents of West Vancouver about how “individual actions impact community sustainability”, the engineering department hosted a student video contest last spring. The 2017 theme was “Our Waste; Our Responsibility” and asked students to focus on four particular topics: ‘illegal dumping’, ‘abandoned waste’, ‘litter’, and ‘how to recycle right’.

Leaping Forward on Climate Change

The biggest obstacle to acting on climate change lies between your ears. Watch this video to learn why. Learn about the five ‘ds’ kill action and the five ‘Ss’ for meaningful social change. This is a must watch for anyone concerned with communicating and making decisions on climate action—researchers, politicians, decision-makers from all sectors, students and the general public.

Transformative Change

In spite of the dire predictions about Trump's withdrawal from COP 21, American states, cities and business people are leading in spite of this vacuum, given it just makes economic sense, never mind for ecological (GHG reductions) and social sense (a better environment). To date, 20 US states and more than 50 of its largest cities, along with more than 60 of the biggest businesses in the US, have committed to emissions reduction goals.

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