CRC News Archive

Happy New Year

I am very much looking forward to 2018, with a new team in place. Joining Jaime Clifton our research curator, Dr. Rob Newell, our Banting scholar, and the invaluable Chris Strashok, is Dr. Francois Jost, who will be working on both our climate change data and refining CoLabS. My hopes are that we will continue to discover new, improved ways to make a difference with our research and contribute to evidence-based decision-making by Canadian communities and Canadian decision-makers.

A Joyous Holiday Season

From our home to yours, our very best wishes for a joyous holiday season. May we have peace throughout the land in 2018.

CRC Research Launches New Instagram Channel

As part of our SSHRC Insight Development Grant, we're exploring how to mobilize research through social media.

Upcoming e-Dialogue explores biodiversity conservation on a local and global scale

Interested in learning about biodiversity conservation? Join our second e-Dialogue from our Biodiversity Conversation series with expert panelists from Women for Nature. Using the monarch butterfly to illuminate the local to global interdependencies of biodiversity conservation, we hope this discussion will reveal the dynamic interconnections and the need for global governance systems essential to protecting critical habitats and migratory paths.

New Edging Forward Exhibit Catalogue

This catalogue illustrates the opening of Edging Forward: Reconnection, Reconciliation, Regenerationan exhibit held at the Robert Bateman Centre, in Victoria, BC. As a collaboration between author Ann Dale and artist Nancyanne Cowell, it showcases a selection of text from Dale’s forthcoming book, Edging Forward: Achieving Sustainable Community Development alongside reproductions of the painting that were uniquely designed for each chapter.

First Biodiversity Conversation Published

Check out our latest e-Dialogue, What is Biodiversity and Why is it Important?, published on Changing the Conversation. Featuring e-panelists from Women for Nature, this conversation is the first of the Biodiversity Conversations: How important are the common loon and polar bears to Canadians? series.