Views from the Edge

Welcome to the CRC blog, where we discuss bleeding edge issues around sustainable community development. The term ‘bleeding edge’ connotes the idea of our failure to somehow or other convince the publics about the urgency of responding to climate change now, and that we need to better communicate the principles and practises of sustainable development to the wider publics. So, yes it takes courage to be 'at the edge', and sometimes one 'bleeds' a lot, but let's start the conversation now. I encourage our students and former students to use this blog and share what they are learning out in the real world.   Ann

Low Standards to Spread Across Canada?

It would be great if BCs low standards would spread federally -- Low Carbon Fuel Standards, that is.

The Good Society

This TEDTalk is very cool, showing what the world looks like when you map it using people data, where we are and how we move, our scale of population and activities. And interestingly, although we are living in a new world, there is more good news than bad, there is a need for concern, but not to fear each other as we do.

Building Common Ground

Jeanne Gang is an architect who looks at physical space for its potential to build positive relationships—between people, across disciplines, and between people and the environment.

These Streets Were Made for Walking

Watch urban planner Jeff Speck discuss the four tenets of walkability, in order to call attention to the literally growing problem of sprawl in our cities:

Canada's Storyteller

 “Your story must be short, and it must be true.”

We are on Very Thin Ice

Larsen C is Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice shelf, and it is unfortunately disintegrating at an all-too rapid pace.

We Need a New Educational Model Now

Solutions to climate change lie in understanding the dynamics of complex living systems and social systems. Any solutions by necessity have to be collaborative, involve multi-level governance, and be ongoing.Artificial intelligence, accelerating automation, technological change, the internet and the loss of a 35-year career trajectory are turning employment upside down.

Paint it Black

Anirudh Sharma, a former co-leader at MIT Media Lab India Initiative, recently invented a device to turn soot from car exhaust into black ink and paint.

Canadian Hospitals are Looking a Little Green

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has won Gold in Climate Leadership for 2016, for its development of the Health Care Climate Change Resiliency Toolkit.

Reaching 'unlikely suspects'

Never has community engagement been more important in the post-truth era, and yet, with all the 'noise' on the internet, what works? My colleagues and I talk about always reaching the converted, but never getting to ‘unlikely suspects’. Although this video by my colleague, Dave Biggs, from MetroQuest, is about engaging vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, all of these lessons are invaluable to anyone concerned with community engagement and increasing literacy through smart design.