Views from the Edge

Anne of Green Gables and Climate Change?

What do Anne of Green Gables, the greenhouse gas effect, and climate change all have in common? Well, more than you’d think. 

These Corporations Won’t Sugar-Coat Climate Change

Mars Inc., Staples, the Gap, Levi Strauss, Seventh Generation, and even ExxonMobil have come out against Trump’s reversal of the clean power plan and other climate regulations.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

This article in Scientific American calls for high-tech companies to emulate systems found in nature. Written by Yale University professor, Oswald Schmitz, it addresses the flawed manufacturing and consumerism system of advanced technology.

The Mail Carrier that's Breaking Barriers

Unlike in Canada, where ‘save door-to-door’ signs are a common sight, the postal service in Germany does not need any saving. The Deutsche Post DHL is the world’s largest postal and courier service, so it’s no surprise that they are ahead of the curve in other areas as well. The Deutsche Post teamed up with a startup to create a zero emission electric delivery van.

Media Leadership

Several months ago, Alan Rusbrider, editor-in-chief of the Guardian announced they were embarking on a global climate change campaign. This is one of the richest climate sources I know and I encourage you to explore the "biggest story in the world".

The Meaning of Civility

Bill Clinton’s speech at Martin McGunness’ funeral

Flower Power

As CBC reported on March 23, 2017, Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC will no longer sell bottled water.

A Green Dilemma

Public transit may not be as green as you think according to this Star article. In addressing climate change, many consider “robust networks of transit lines” as key to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The Beverage of Happiness

Fast Company recently interviewed the CEO of Illy and learned how the world renowned Italian coffee company does things a little different. While they work with dozens of countries worldwide, they do not work within the standard fair trade system. Instead, they cultivate their own relationships with coffee producers. This ensures superior product, fairness, and better quality of life for those employed by suppliers.

Let's Even It Up

Global wealth has become increasingly concentrated, according to one alarming report released by Oxfam. Published in January 2017, it reveals that just 8 billionaires control the same amount of wealth between them as 50% of the world’s poorest population. Of the $255 trillion total global wealth, more than half of this wealth ($426bn in US dollars) has been in the hands of the richest 1% since 2015.