Views from the Edge

One Man’s Leather is Another Man’s Poison

Pollution from industrial processing, tanning, lead smelting, and other toxic operations cause three times as many deaths in developing countries as malaria, and 35% as many deaths as from smoking. Not only do the workers suffer debilitating effects and shorter lifespans from days spent in toxic smoke, spilled lead, or chemical runoff, but the soil, rivers, and air become contaminated in a manner that is harder to contain.

Don't COP Out

I took this picture from a recent article by the Economist, titled "A world turned upside down". The article addresses the question “Wind and solar energy are disrupting a century-old model of providing electricity. What will replace it?” (February 25th, Briefing). Click here to read the complete article.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

As cities increase in density, greenspaces often dwindle. Studies have shown that natural environments in urban areas can make a huge impact on our perception of wellbeing. In 2015, Nature published a report called Neighborhood greenspace and health in a large urban center. Focused on the population of Toronto, its purpose was to uncover “associations between comprehensive greenspace metrics and health”.

Bearing Witness

This short video from Fast Company explores the ways that technology has amplified and changed the discussion on police brutality and prosecution.

Reweaving the Landscape

From Victoria to St. John’s, the Trans-Canada Highway stretches across 8030 km of landscape in Canada. While it covers a lot of ground, it also fractures many habitats that are home to a variety of animals. Bears, moose, and even birds make dangerous crossings along highways and rural roads in search of food, shelter, and mates. And as our modern roadways become increasingly congested, more and more collisions are occurring. When travelling through Newfoundland, you can often spot signs along highways tallying the number of yearly moose fatalities.

Save the Rainforest, Again

Deforestation in the Amazon is back on the upswing, with nearly 2 million acres cleared in Brazil between August 2015 to July 2016. That’s an increase in more than 500,000 acres from previous years.

Fantastic Fungi

“Mushroom mycelium represents rebirth, rejuvenation, regeneration.”

             - Paul Stamets, Mycologist, Author, and Advocate

Sprouting Literature

There are many children’s books that share heartwarming stories of nature and why it needs protecting. But what if our younger readers could learn about ecology while practicing it? One Buenos Aires publishing company has taken this one step further. Pequeño Editor recently printed copies of i Papá Estuvo en la Selva (My Dad Went to the Jungle) that sprout a micro-forest of jacaranda trees, a species native to Argentina.

Low Standards to Spread Across Canada?

It would be great if BCs low standards would spread federally -- Low Carbon Fuel Standards, that is.

The Good Society

This TEDTalk is very cool, showing what the world looks like when you map it using people data, where we are and how we move, our scale of population and activities. And interestingly, although we are living in a new world, there is more good news than bad, there is a need for concern, but not to fear each other as we do.